Skin Care Tips : Slowing Down Aging 

Skin Care Tips : aging can’t be avoided. That being said, there are several measures you can take regardless of your age that can turn back your biological clock and help you live longer:

Eat well. Within the past few decades, processed foods have become an increasingly larger part of our diets. Added sugar, salt, and fat are all wreaking havoc on our bodies, leading to a multitude of serious health issues, including cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Do yourself a favor and eat well. As a general rule of thumb, if you have to open it to eat it, you shouldn’t be eating it. Read labels. Cut out sugary drinks and white starches, and incorporate more fruits, vegetables, fiber, and lean proteins. #skincaretips

Don’t smoke. If you’re a smoker, you’ve likely struggled with quitting, but don’t give up. Quitting smoking improves circulation and blood pressure, and drastically reduces your risk of developing cancer.#skincaretips

Exercise. You might not be meeting the recommended 30 minutes of activity a day, 5 days a week, but the good news is that even just 15 minutes of moderate activity a day can improve longevity. Walk the dog, ride a bike or take a fitness class. Any activity is better than none at all. #skincaretips

  • Socialize. Socialization keeps us young and does wonders for longevity. Maintain good, healthy relationships with others. Stay connected to the ones you love and make it a point to meet new people.
  • Get sleep. Ignore the saying “you’ll sleep when you’re dead.” You need sleep, regardless of the relationship you have with it. Get a good night of sleep every night and you’ll reduce your risk of heart disease and lower your stress levels.
  • Don’t stress. Stress, anger and holding onto grudges can be very damaging. If you work to reduce your stress levels now, you’ll thank yourself later. Incorporate meditation or journaling into your day-to-day and give yourself a break. #skincaretips