Frequently Asked Questions

  • The iS CLINICAL® formulas and key ingredients are validated for safety and efficacy by numerous independent, peer reviewed, clinical studies and international independent testing laboratories. The products are developed using only the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade, botanically-based ingredients. These ingredients are globally sourced and extracted through proprietary processes for the highest potency.

    If the FDA, in this country, deems an ingredient or product unsafe for any reason, they will issue an order to stop the sale of such ingredients or products. International regulatory agencies in the EU and Asia are even more stringent with ingredient regulations than the FDA here in this country. These international regulatory agencies have extremely sensitive, protective guidelines and measures in place to protect the consumer. The iS CLINICAL® products and ingredients meet or exceed these international regulations and are available in the most esteemed research, educational and treatment centers in more than 20 countries.

  • iS CLINICAL® products are non-systemic and are considered cosmetic by the FDA. In our extensive research, we have found no evidence that would contradict the FDA’s position. Considering this, these products, including those containing retinol, should pose no contraindications to pregnancy and lactation with the understanding they should not be placed directly on lactating nipples to avoid ingestion. Our company recommends the consumer always consult with their individual physician and follow that physician’s advice regarding their particular health situation including pregnancy and lactation.

    References: “Safety of Skin Care Products during Pregnancy”, Bozzo P et al, Can Fam Physician. 2011Jun;57(6):665-7.“Repeated Topical Treatment, in Contrast to Single Oral Dose, with Vitamin A-Containing Preparations Does Not Affect Plasma Concentrations of Retinol, Retinyl Esters or Retinoic Acids in Female Subjects of Child-Bearing Age”, Nokynek GJ et al, Toxicol Lett. 2006May5;163(1):65-76.

  • Every substance in the world is a chemical and, as such, can be meticulously described in scientific parlance by a chemical name – even water can be known as dihydrogen monoxide or hydrogen dioxide, which are actually the chemical terms for H2O. The iS CLINICAL product line is unique in that it uses ingredients of only the highest quality and purity. Our raw materials are botanically based and pharmaceutical grade, and do not contain fillers, toxic metals, or impurities. They meet the criteria of their biochemical C of A (Certificate of Analysis) at our production facility.

  • As with other products termed “hypoallergenic”, ours contain no unnecessary fragrances, chemical preservatives or other chemicals. Furthermore, we use pharmaceutical-grade raw materials (this is an extremely important distinction), free of impurities and “stowaway” compounds. However, because our products contain many botanical and “active” ingredients, it is possible for occasional sensitivities to the products to develop – the only way to avoid this is to create inert products, which would do nothing beneficial for the skin. That being said, we very rarely see allergic reactions to our products and are always careful to avoid known irritants in our formulations.

    If you are concerned about potential sensitivities to our products, please consult with a physician or skincare professional and patch test the product before applying to the face.

  • No.

  • The products are not certified organic, although the company buys organic whenever possible. It is not always possible to buy every ingredient as fully organic-certified, as this involves certifications on many levels in different countries and with various agencies. It is not always possible in a practical sense. Furthermore, iS CLINICAL® products are designed to contain ingredients that are botanically-based, i.e. from plants.

  • Many skin types tolerate the combined use of our products, which would include an “active” product and a Hydration product, and find this produces a pronounced positive effect. As a general rule or for those with particularly sensitive skin, it is recommended that clients use the most active iS CLINICAL®products individually. The most active products include: ACTIVE SERUM™, YOUTH COMPLEX©, POLY-VITAMIN SERUM, WHITE LIGHTENING COMPLEX AND SERUM, FIRMING COMPLEX and the ADVANCE + products.

  • A sudden change is just fine, based on skin condition needs or seasonal changes. However, if you have a history of sensitivity, patch testing of our products is recommended. We do recommend a seasonal skincare consultation and treatment plan in order to best meet the changing needs of the skin and perhaps lifestyle of the clients.

  • No, we never test on animals and do not use ingredients sourced from animals.

  • We do not provide samples directly to consumers – however, you can get samples of our products through one of our Partners.